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Jul 19, 2021

What starts off as a conversation between two brothers about their grocery store experiences devolves into discussing digital horses, Rico Rodriguez, and of course, Space Jam: A New Legacy. Join Sam and Will on this journey of a podcast while we try to keep the lights on with Robert and TJ still away.

Jul 12, 2021

With TJ and Robert off doing important business, Sam and Will investigate the phrase "Pat Bev trick y'all" and try to find all of the things in the world trying to pull one over on us. We promise not to talk too much about sports as we uncover the trends, brands, and bands who are out there trying to "trick y'all".

Jun 28, 2021

The guys review the excellent Apple+ Original Series: Ted Lasso!

From Nate the Great's speech to salad puns with the Diamond Dogs, we discuss our favorite characters, memorable scenes, and all of the things that make this show one of the best in television!

Be a goldfish but remember that Football is Life!


Jun 21, 2021

TJ found a new game to play! Play along with William as TJ reads and spells words that are either Ikea products or the last name of Scandinavian Authors and end our episode with a head to head challenge of "Ikea Chair or Swedish Swear!"

Learn all about conditional dishwashers, backwards gillrepys, and the Swedish...

Jun 14, 2021

Sam and William are back from Hawaii and TJ has to catch them up on everything they missed! We cover everything from movie trailers to sports bloopers and horrible beverage choices to game show disasters!

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